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Our Menu

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Our crepes are prepared to order for your guests in a fun and professional manner. We provide you with the best and freshest ingredients, and the highest quality and value for your best Crepes Party Express catering experience ever.

Crepes Party Express provides all MENU included packages, entrée and dessert, breakfast and dessert crepes as well as custom packages*. The Crepes station is fast and conveniently set up where you need it. Fully portable with propane crepe grills, we can serve at indoor or outdoor locations. We arrive to the venue at least one hour prior to serving time, and break down in 30 minutes at the conclusion. You will enjoy your event as one of your guest, worry free, we will take care of the food.    

Breakfast Crepes

Eggs ham and Cheese     

Sliced ham with cheddar Jack Cheese and scrambled eggs

Eggs and cheese Melted mozzarella or cheddar jack cheese with Scrambled Eggs and choice of dressing

Mixed Veggies and eggs Artichokes, Portabello mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and spinach with melted Mozzarella and scrambled eggs

Tomato eggs and mozzarella Crepe Scrambled eggs Melted mozzarella and tomatoes with house spices

Eggs Bacon and Cheese Scrambled eggs, Bacon , melted cheddar jack. Eggs

Florentine ​Spinach, pink Sauce w/mozzarella and scrambled eggs

Dessert Crepes


Strawberries, Bananas, Raspberries, Peaches*

Sauces and more:


Hersheys Chocolate* 


Grand Marnier

Whipped Cream

Strawberry shirtcake

Some loved sweets!

​Nutella Crepe

Banana Caramel 

Strawberry Caramel Banana nutella

Strawberry Nutella

Strawberries and Whipped Cream

Strawberry shortcake, berries and cream   

Banana Strawberry Nutella or Caramel and whipped cream

Entree Crepes
Combinations with the freshest ingredients:

Available Meats:  

Steak, Chicken, Ham, Pork*, Duck*, Shrimps*


Artichokes, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Spinach, Peppers, Red onions


Mozzarella, Cheddar Jack, Swiss*


Caesar, Honey Dijon, Chimichurri, ​Pesto,

Barbecue* Buffalo* Pizza*

Some of our best sellers !

Steak Crepe:  Steak, red onions, mushrooms and peppers over melted mozzarella cheese and homemade Caesar dressing 

Honey Dijon Chicken crepe: Chicken breast, melted cheddar/jack cheese, Topped with crispy romaine, sweet tomatoes and our homemade Sweet Dijon Sauce.

Caesar Chicken crepe: Chicken breast with mushrooms over melted mozzarella, lettuce, tomatoes and homemade Caesar dressing.

Veggie crepe: Artichokes, Spinach, sliced mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers and sweet red onions over melted Mozzarella.

Customized / gourmet Menu

In this menu we offer you the choice of building your own menu to match your event needs or to please the most discerning palates!

Choose from a variety of meats and toppings OR just give us your IDEA of menu and we wil make it for you!!

In this menu, we offer one or two choices of crepes being special order for your guests.

IDEAS / past events:

Peking duck, roasted duck meat, cucumber, chives and Hoisin Sauce

Mahi Mahi, spinach, lemon butter tartar

Roast pork, lettuce tomatoes and BBQ Sauce

Turkey, provolone, raspberry preserves and arugula

Just write us with your special menu request!

Special set up, colors, utensils available upon request and additional cost.

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